From the Voices of Children

From the Voices of Children

with Dr. Ardelle Ries, Augustana Campus

with Stephanie Schuurman-Olson, Natalie Minczuk-Prando, Melissa Hiebert, and Anna Wiebe.

Wednesday September 14, 2022 7:00 PM MST
In-person at the Sound Studies Institute
with refreshments
Old Arts Building and Convocation Hall
Room 3-47
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A world without singing? Before March 2020, this idea was unimaginable. Considered to be one of the greatest global public health crises in over a generation, responses to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic placed musical activities on amateur and professional levels at risk. Have pandemic responses also impacted the desire for the next generation to freely engage in singing? Over the next two years, the From the Voices of Children (FVC) research team will assess the attitudes that children hold toward singing in a pandemic weary world. Come hear about our research and the prospects for the voices of the future!

An Associate Professor at the University of Alberta (UofA) Augustana Faculty, Ardelle Ries was raised in rural Central Alberta, inspired by the prairie landscape and surrounded by poetry, music, and visual art. With a passion for singing, musical inclusion, and multigenerational music education, Ardelle teaches courses in accessibility arts, musicianship, music education, pediatric vocal pedagogy, and music & wellness.

Stephanie Schuurman-Olson is a doctoral student (Education), PreK-6 music teacher, and undergraduate music instructor in rural Central Alberta. Her research interests include improvisational singing with children, ecoliterate music pedagogies, and soundscape research-creation with young children.

Natalie Minczuk-Prando grew up in the world of music, where she discovered her passion for singing and music education. She is a Master student in choral conducting at University of Alberta, instructor of aural skills, choral assistant at Vocal Alchemy, and has been a voice, cello and piano teacher for the past 10 years.

Melissa Hiebert is a fourth-year music major attending Augustana. Piano is her primary instrument, but she also takes voice lessons, sings in The Augustana Choir, tutors theory and aural skills, and occasionally tries her hand at conducting.

Anna Wiebe is a fourth year Environmental Studies major at Augustana campus. While not her area of study, Anna has a passion for both music and child development, which she explores through singing in choirs, playing the cello and several years working as an early childhood educator.