External Affiliates

Astrid Ensslin

Professor, Digital Humanities; Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

Research interests: language in gaming, speech accents in games (SAG), literary gaming, digital fictions and digital narratives, digital feminisms, communication and media discourse


Christine Guptill

University of Ottawa, Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Research interests: musicians’ health and well-being, prevention of work disability in performing artists through education at tertiary and professional levels, social determinants of heath and their impact on performing artists (including education, income, benefits, gender, and working conditions)


Mary Ingraham

Dean of Faculty Arts, University of St. Mary’s University
Former Director of SSI at the University of Alberta

Research interests: sound studies, listening, the materiality of experience, the role of sounds and media in cultural preservation and memory, histories of music in Canada, expressions of interculturality


Elena Nicoladis

Professor, Psychology, Faculty of Science

Research interests: childhood language acquisition and development, bilingual language acquisition, the relationship between gesture and speech, relationship between language and thought