March 8 – 29: New work: Caldera by Stephan Moore

Sound Studies Gallery, 3-47 Arts Building
8th – 30th March, 2023

Premiere of Caldera, new octophonic sound work by visiting artist Stephan Moore.

Regular gallery hours are Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, 10:00-5:00pm.

Please note: due to illness, the gallery will be open for limited hours on the following dates:

Tuesday March 14: 2:00-5:00
Wednesday March 15: 10:00-5:00pm, closed 12:00-1:00
Thursday March 16: 2:00-5:00

Caldera is a sequence of spatial audio vignettes, composed of the readymade sounds of non-musical objects recorded up-close at high resolution, played back at reduced speed as a way of zooming in on their temporal qualities and rendering them slightly less impermanent and ephemeral, sometimes played without alteration and sometimes filtered through layers of processing, several copies of similar sounds and processes distributed in space sometimes to create a virtual scene and sometimes to simply create an effect of a “multiple,” only barely hinting at a narrative structure, and constructed via a generative software process, on-the-fly, so as to be continually changing without repetition.

Read more about Stephan in our upcoming lecture series.