Women of Folkways

In 2009, the Women of Folkways concert was originally conceived as a cornerstone of the Winter Roots Roundup, an Edmonton-based festival celebrating the best in folk, roots, and blues music. While the larger festival format is no more, the Women of Folkways concert itself has grown into a beloved annual tradition within the Edmonton community. The concert remains one of the showcase annual events presented by the Sound Studies Institute, produced alongslide with our partners at the Northern Lights Folk Club and curator/host Dana Wylie, and it represents a key outreach program with the wider community.

As stewards of the Moses and Frances Asch Collection of Folkways Records, the Sound Studies Institute honours the legacy and philosophy of Moses Asch, whose life was shaped by an unshakeable belief in the power of “anything that is sound”.The Women of Folkways concert celebrates the sonic environments and material practices of the diverse range of cultural communities that exist within Edmonton and those represented by the records of the Asch Collection. The concert highlights the cultural contributions of women within a medium traditionally over-represented by men, with an additional focus on women from marginalized communities. For every Pete Seeger, there is an Elizabeth Cotton, a Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett, or a Ginni Clemmens – or, for that matter, a Ruth Seeger.

2023 Women of Folkways concert

This year we’re digging a little deeper in the eclectic record catalogue that inspired it. Local luminaries Mallory ChipmanAudrey OchoaShima Robinson (Dwennimmen), and host Dana Wylie will highlight some often overlooked corners of the Folkways Records collection, telling some of its lesser-known stories and featuring the work of women in jazz, spoken word, ethnomusicology, zoomusicology, and of course…there’ll be plenty of folk! 

Capacity is limited and the show is a popular one, so get your tickets early!

For tickets please visit https://northernlightsfc.ca/show/women-of-folkways-2023/