winners of call for student projects + upcoming exhibition

In October, as part of our annual recognition of the birthday of Moses Asch, we announced a call for student projects inspired by the Asch Collection, with prizes for the winning entries. We are happy to announce that the winners of the call are undergraduate student Garrett Cosgrave’s sonic composition II. BITE and graduate student Ludmila Lima’s sculptural sound art project Resound.

Both pieces will be exhibited at the Sound Studies Institute on December 7th.

II. BITE, by Garret Cosgrave
BITE is a sound composition by Garrett Cosgrave that draws inspiration from the “Sounds of…” series from Folkways Records. Just as Sound Patterns (1953) “establish[ed] a mood not unlike that of seeing photographs” using the “aural interplay” of field recordings in raw and time dilated forms, BITE creates a short film collage in first person perspective by combining raw and digitally manipulated field recordings with synthesized sounds. It is an explicitly autobiographical piece, tied to time, place, and relationships like An Actual Story in Sound of a Dog’s Life (1958) and Sounds of Camp: A Documentary Study of a Children’s Camp (1958). Set in Montreal in 2011, BITE represents a sonic evolution of this style through the use of modern technology that creates the opportunity for listeners to derive story and mood from highly abstracted audio. Originally composed for surround sound, this version has been edited for stereo listening.

Resound, by Ludmila Lima de Morais
Resound is made of 2 objects, Shell and House, with sound reproduction devices. In this work, the Shell reproduces the sound of my empty house and the House produces the sound of the waves crashing. I registered and collected those sounds and changed their familiar places, questioning the concept of house and silence. In my collection the sound of the waves has not been recorded yet, the Asch Collection helped to locate this missing piece and inspired me to complete the work. Having my sound collection and using Asch makes me notice sounds in the silence that I hadn’t heard before, and wish to hear new places and cultures.

birding by ear, a sound art installation by Yvonne Mullock

Sound Studies Gallery, 3-47 Arts Building
7th December 2022 – 25th January 2023

Marking the opening of the new Sound Studies Institute sound art gallery is the premiere of a new multichannel realisation of a sound art piece by U of A guest artist-in-residence Yvonne Mullock.

Limited availability in December – please contact to inquire.

Fully open for public access through January! Read more on our Performances and Exhibitions page.