XiME Fall 2022 Concert

December 5 | 7:30pm | Convocation Hall

XiME Fall 2022 Concert
with Special Guest Courtney Brown on Hadrosaur Skull
Free Admission

Music by: Mari Alice Conrad, Cornelius Cardew & XiME

XiME 2022/23 is Colin Campbell, Mari Alice Conrad, Cole Dorchester, Benedek Gaal, Deepak Paramashivan, Niaz Pirzadeh, Thomas Powell, Ali Ramsden, Rigel Rendón and Jane Shi, led by Mark Segger (Fall) and William Northlich-Redmond (Winter).

The Experimental Improvisation Ensemble (XiME) is a performing group of musicians, sound artists and other artists focusing on group improvisation, as well as works utilizing alternative scoring techniques, conceptual ideas, and mixed media creations. The ensemble focuses on improvisation and alternate modes of musical creation, and it serves as a vehicle for student composers to explore new ways of creating sound compositions. 

Courtney Brown is a composer/performer, software developer, and tango dancer. She creates new musical interfaces in which the act of creating sound is transformative in some way. For this performance she will be performing on recreation of a Corythosaurus skull and nasal passages 3D printed and machined from CT scans of fossils.

Check out Courtney Brown’s guest lecture from October 2021 on the Sound Studies Institute youtube channel: