Sound Art Exhibitions

SpokenWeb Sound Art Exhibitions

Two new sound art exhibitions co-sponsored by the Sound Studies Institute open this week as part of the 2023 SpokenWeb Symposium. Check them out!

Winter Walking
Sound installation by Dr. Rachel Epp Buller

Sound Studies Gallery, 3-47 Arts Building
1st – 29th May, 2023

What might it mean to listen beyond our ears, and why would we want to? Drawing on the histories of Deep Listening, feminist and Indigenous listening, and the Slow movement, Dr. Buller proposes ways that listening through artistic practices can be carried out with our whole bodies as a means to forge relational connections, sorely needed in a time of converging crises. Expansive understandings of listening with our hands and feet, our gestures and movements, as modeled by a range of contemporary artists and explored in my own artistic and research-creation inquiries, position us to better attune to our human and more-than-human others.

Dr. Rachel Epp Buller (she/her) is Professor of Visual Arts and Design, Director of the Regier Art Gallery, and Chair of the Faculty, at Bethel College (KS/US). She is a feminist art historian, a visual artist, and a mother of three, intersecting roles addressed in some of her scholarship, including her books Reconciling Art and Mothering (2012) and Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design, and Maternity (2019), edited with Charles Reeve. She is a certified practitioner in Deep Listening, and her current research-creation project is an inquiry into listening as artistic practice.

Sound installation by Dr. Rémy Bocquillon

Digital Scholarship Centre, 2-20 Cameron Library

Exhibition opening event
5:45pm – 8:00pm
May 1st, 2023

Exhibition runs 1st – 5th May, 2023
Mon-Fri, 12 noon – 5pm

Premiere of in_between, an octophonic sound installation by SpokenWeb Alberta’s Artist-in-Residence Rémy Bocquillon, organized in collaboration with the Sound Studies Institute.

in_between is a sound installation exploring what lies beneath reverberation, echo and resonance, both in their acoustic and semiotic expressions. From the original sound source to the reflected signal, often reduced to either a unique and indiscernible flow or to discrete and separated events, it deals with what happens in-between. What is the liminality of those sound events? A difference in repetition, a lapse in-between reflections? The time to take and make place. It is an in-between that enhances, repeats, but also one that can disrupt and reduce meanings. At once an addition to sonic flows, and a loss of information, of clarity. 

Rémy Bocquillon is a Postdoctoral researcher and Lecturer in Sociology at the Catholic
University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany. His research interests revolve around
epistemic practices bridging the gap between arts, science, and philosophy, which he
explores through his own creative work as a sound artist and musician. His latest
projects include the publication of his book “Sound Formations. Towards a sociological
thinking-with sounds” and the sound installation “Activating Space | Prehending the