Sound Studies Institute panels for SpokenWeb Symposium

The 2023 SpokenWeb Symposium and Institute is here!

As part of the SpokenWeb Institute, the Sound Studies Institute is hosting three panel discussions on topics in sound studies and sound art.

Visit the website for the 2023 SpokenWeb Institute to see the full schedule.

Artificial Voices
Thursday, May 4

9:15 AM – 10:30 AM
Visualization Lab, Digital Scholarship Centre 2-20A, Cameron Library

Join artists and scholars Yelena Gluzman, Ben Tucker, and Marilène Oliver for a panel discussion on artificial voices, focusing on how and why text to speech technologies are generated. The session will start with a screening of STS scholar Yelena Gluzman’s short film Invisible Machines which is about captioners, mediation and transforming talk to text. Gluzman’s film will be followed by a presentation by Ben Tucker about Alberta Phoentic’s Laboratory’s project to develop talk to text models for South African English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Xhosa and Malagasy. Finally, Marilene Oliver will present the project Your Data Body which used a range of open access text to speech models to generate voices for anonymous datasets as part of a virtual reality artwork.

Untamed Melodies X Birding By Ear
Thursday, May 4

4:30 PM – 5:45 PM
Visualization Lab, Digital Scholarship Centre 2-20A, Cameron Library

Join artists, researchers, and educators Yvonne Mullock, Mallory Chipman, and John Acorn for a panel discussion on thinking creatively about art practice at the intersection of bioacoustics, zoomusicology, sonic ecology, and research-creation. This conversation is situated within a broader discussion about how activities within the sciences and the humanities can inform and complement each other and produce multivalent projects which engage communities across disciplinary boundaries.

Radio Histories And Futures: The Use Of Archives And Programming In Radio Research And Storytelling
Friday, May 5

10:45 AM – 12:15 AM 
Visualization Lab, Digital Scholarship Centre 2-20A, Cameron Library

  •  Brian Fauteaux (U Alberta), “The Fluidity of Satellite Radio Programming: Online Archives, Pop-up Channels, and Nostalgia in the “Future” of Radio”
  •  Stacey Copeland (producer, Amplify Podcast Network)
  •  Laura Vilchis Sanchez (U Alberta), “Lessons from Latin American Community Radio”
  •  Jennifer Waits (co-founder, Radio Survivor), “Finding College Radio Archives and College Radio Finds”